Duplex Screws Are Easier To Use!


The Duplex Screw is a double-headed screw that replaces and performs better than a double-headed nail or traditional dry-wall screw!  That’s because the Duplex Screw is:

easier to use, find and remove

saves time and money—outperforms other screws in speed trials by more than 25%!

removable for temporary builds or projects that require disassembly, saving you money

also saves money by avoiding potential injuries and damage caused by traditional methods

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

"RemoveRite Duplex Screws give us a better option. When it comes to fasteners for temporary construction, Duplex Screws are simply the best idea that I’ve every seen."

via Independent review from ProTool Review.  Read the full review here.

Available in a variety of lengths & available in a variety of packages sizes

Contact Johanna at 937.433.7200 x214 or email her at jcampos@a-1fastener.com to learn about our exclusive distributor programs.

The A1 Duplex Screw is governed by patents in the U.S., Canada, European Community, Australia, China, Taiwan and is pending in other domiciles. This product is the sole property of Removerite, Inc. and is exclusively licensed to A1 Fastener & Components, Inc.




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